Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does Bing Have Something?

Google vs Microsoft vs Yahoo. Today Microsoft (MSFT) announced a partnership with Yahoo (YHOO). Yahoo shareholders are annoyed that Bill Gates did not spend billions of dollars to save them. Go figure.

So the question of search engine dominance moves to the front burner. Google (GOOG) has approximately 65% of the global share. Bing and Yahoo share most of the rest.

What’s in it for me, most people will ask. The financial skeptic decided to do some ego-surfing and ran his name “George Gutowski”. This sometimes is also called self-Google. I also performed the acts of self-Yahoo and self-Bing.

The results were telling. Google delivered the great majority of hits. Yahoo delivered only approximately 50% of Google’s levels and Bing coughed up only 10% of Google. Bing did have the most compelling photography.

Google seemed proficient in mentioning this blog. The blog is written on a Google Tool namely BlogSpot. Yahoo and Bing strangely enough did not seem to think it important. Yahoo did not even cite it in the first 20. Bing the same, no top 20 citations.

I then tested “Financial Skeptic” my beloved brand. Google first and they found me on Twitter and the Blog. Yahoo interestingly enough had 20% more hits than Google and mentioned the blog twice in the first 20.

Then we go to the new guy “Bing” who did not find my blog but coughed up citations in the millions as one and many have chosen to quote me. The other guys where not even close. I could not check millions of citations but they sure did stroke my ego today.

Does Bing have something already?