Friday, July 24, 2009

AOL Can It Monetize Warren Buffet

AOL which is still grafted onto Time Warner (TWX) is about to carry a new animated series entitled “The Secret Millionaires Club. The program features Warren Buffett teaching valuable financial lessons to young children. How can you argue with Warren Buffett about money?

The question for AOL and ultimately Time Warner is how to control and monetize the intellectual capital. Many will want to see the episodes but we have to go to AOL. Personally I do not want to go to AOL. Others may feel the same way.

Many will want to bootleg and download. So the billionaire’s careful lessons will be stolen without just compensation. Which means a lot of people will learn to make money by stealing the lesson plan. The program could go viral in a pervasive way.

If AOL cannot successfully monetize Warren Buffett well just stick a fork into it.

For those of you who will steal well we can get into real interesting discussions about karma on that one.