Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Apple Made Me Do It

Bless me father for I have sinned. Two weeks ago I bought an iPhone. My contract was up and it was time for something new. I waited till the last minute and resisted as much as I could. God help me but now I love it so.

Then Apple and Steve Jobs announce the iPad. I enjoy reading but do not like the clutter of books read and books waiting to be read. I can easily have five or six titles on deck, ready to go. The iPad looks so cool and ebook pricing beats bookstore pricing. I have made a thought decision and will follow through shortly.

But bless me father for it continues. This weekend I visited my sister and my very cool four nephews and nieces. The Apple computer is scoring three out of five and the trend is Apple. This morning I found myself surfing the Apple web site and checking out Mac lap tops. This I can resist for longer because the current non Mac laptop is OK for now. But the shopping has started. ( I usually have a three year replacement cycle. I believe this is the result of corporate conditioning from my early days)

I was raised Roman Catholic and I can identify guilt on sight. Therefore I must confess. But being a post-modern Catholic I will probably rebel against the pope.

Bill Gates I must warn Microsoft (MSFT) Steve Jobs of Apple (APPl)made me do it.