Monday, February 08, 2010

Answers Does Not Understand the Question

Answers (ANSW) reported decent looking black ink and wants investors to think they have the answers. Bob Rosenschein, Chairman and CEO did not offer any specific direction and would only point to competition and say they are being copied so look at the value proposition. Hey Bob did you ever consider that maybe the competition thinks they know they knock you off.

As Answers becomes more successful of course you will attract attention form competition. The trick is how do you carve out enough so that you are sustainable. Lets analyze your comment “Going forward, we intend to invest more in expanding our core business and creating new product extensions. We are looking forward to a great 2010.” This nugget of info is just too bland for investors to become engaged. The agenda becomes too secretive and creates an insider culture. Watch for surprises in this stock as management is playing it too close to the vest.

By the way I used your site and asked “Where to buy bagels in Manhattan” the one and only link answer that made sense was the one for kosher restaurants. The remainder were for travelling to NYC and Holiday Inn offering free internet. This is not a killer application.