Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cadbury vs Kraft More Cash Please

Cadbury (CBY) says it wants more cash from Kraft (KFT). Of course they do; it was entirely predictable. I always like to look at the insider trading and see if the tape was painted. Using Reuters and Morningstar it looks like no insider trading for Cadbury.

On the Kraft side the latest trade was by Vernon Anthony President Kraft North America who on Aug 11, 2009 buys 35,910 shares at zero; must be the stock option plan. Irene Rosenfeld CEO of Kraft sold 63,651 shares @ 26.13 on Jun 30. Her last purchase was on Feb 19, 2009 when she bought 173,300 at zero which again must be the stock option plan. Which means that legally and morally Irene is sure that selling about two months ahead of the game is alright.