Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Value Line Discloses? Well Sort Of!

Value Line (VALU) released its Q1 results ending July 31. They made less money bit the net worth is up. By the way readers are reminding that the parent may be buying more shares over time. That is all. Please continue investing elsewhere. The press release would not satisfy one value line analyst.

Before we belabour the point that as of June 30, 2008, Arnold Bernhard & Company, Inc. owned approximately 86.5% of the Company's issued and outstanding common stock, lets take a look at some of the metrics they have agreed to let investors know about in the press release.

Shareholder equity is up 11% from the comparable period last year. No explanation as to how this blessed event has happened.

Net income for Q1 is down 11% from last year’s comparable quarter. No explanation again.

Then we get the warning about the really large dominant shareholder who may be nibbling away. While much of the investment community relies heavily on their product offering very few find the stock to be a compelling proposition.

I am not asking for a stock promotion but when you clearly use every available stratagem to make the market go to sleep you have to wonder about which side of the bread is being buttered.