Wednesday, December 05, 2007

HealthSouth Is The Comeback Pump On?

HealthSouth (HLS)is receiving some media attention and banging the corporate drum to point out that there is substantial insider buying going on. The wink wink nudge nudge message is supposed to be when the senior guys start to buy its bullish; right?

Well maybe. HLS does seem to have made real progress with what they describe as legacy issues. thats good and a nice round of executive bonuses has probably been rightfully earned.

But listen up Health care is a politically volatile issue. It does not take much to move this topic to the front burner of the US psyche. 2008 will be a very political year; presidential elections and all that.

I would like to see what the potential winning candidate has in mind on this topic. I would also like to see how races for the Senate and House of Representatives turn out. While the White House will most likely lead the design or non design process the elected representatives will be coloring in the spaces.

HealthSouth you are more of a political bet at this point than an investment risk.