Friday, March 23, 2007

Google Moritz Escape or Ejection

Google (NasdaqGS:GOOG) announced the resignation of Michael Moritz from its board. Mr. Moritz represented Sequoia Capital in what was probably their best score to date. Reports indicate that he also sits on the board of Sequoia’s other major score, Youtube. The current claims are that he had no significant hand in the two entities merging. So what was he doing? Who was doing it?

The original investment has been wildly successful and more than one venture capitalist would have been more than happy to ride off into the sunset and work on tax minimization strategies. Besides resigning shortly before the annual meeting before the public questions without another director to replace him does not look that suspicious does it?

The Youtube acquisition while strategically brilliant may become the mother of all legal battles in the copyright and intellectual property fields. As lawyers commence legal proceedings and delve into the rationale’s and intents of every single action, Mr. Moritz’s testimony may become the critical factor. Of the main contributions that venture capitalists bring to the table (in addition to critically needed funds) we include advice and connections.

Somewhere in the Google legal team a lawyer should be working on a possible defense strategy to mitigate any damage that the Moritz/Sequoia relationship may cause. If not get going on it. Somewhere on the Sequoia legal defense team should be a lawyer pondering the same information. Mr. Moritz may need a lawyer seeing as everyone else is probably retaining counsel.

Oh hey I almost forget “Do No Evil”