Thursday, December 22, 2005

McKinsy offers Laughable Advice

McKinsey Quarterly is recycling an old article entitled “What makes your stock go up” Targeted at C level officers the article essentially says that you need to get to know your 100 largest shareholders and potential shareholders. That way when they start to believe in your strategy they will buy more stock. This laughable tidbit disguised as strategic advice does show a disdain and bias against smaller shareholders. Perhaps the McKinsey people should read up on Reg FD and SOX legislation.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Caterpillar Leaves You Hanging

Director resignations leave something lacking. When a Director is appointed to the board a glowing press release is issued outlining all the fantastic qualities an individual has. When a director resigns the corporate noise machines go silent and a form 8K is filed with the SEC. Rarely if ever is a reason given. If there are reasons why a director goes on the board there are reasons why they leave. Investors should know both. So today when Caterpillar Inc announces Mr. Gordon Parker will be leaving they should say why. Directors on Boards are subject to scrutiny.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Follies Dec 16-17, 2005

Weekend follies where I endlessly point out my skepticism of companies making press releases during oddball hours during the weekend. This week I caught four culprits all on the Nasdaq. Again I’m not saying they are bad but they sure do make announcements at strange times when no one is looking. The are Sangamo Biosciences (SGMO), Tanox (TNOX), Capital Automotive REIT (CARS) and Ampal (AMPL)

Caveat emptor.