Friday, November 11, 2005

Wells Fargo had a class action lawsuit filed against the bank last Friday Nov 4, 2005. No news was issued by Wells Fargo and today Friday Nov 11, 2005 an after market press release crossed the wire at approximately 17.14 ET. issued by the lawyers commencing the class action lawsuit. (Milberg Weiss) class actions can be big. Wells Fargo may think its small. A vacuum of information from Wells Fargo increases shareholder risk unnecessarily. We all know some class actions run out of steam so why not acknowledge the filing publicly.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dupont vs United Steel Workers

Sometimes information comes from an adversary. Dupont (NYSE:DD) and United Steel Workers (USW) who do not always get along seem to be squaring off at the Savannah River Nuclear Weapons Facility in South Carolina. Dupont issued a press release on Oct 11 indicating that they wish to become re-involved with the plant and bid on over $7.5 billion of DOE contracts. USW points out that Dupont abandoned previous efforts following DOE criticism and congressional hearings into over 30 serious accidents under Dupont management.

Who do you believe? How do you analyze?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yellow Pages Income Fund (TSX: YLO:UN) is blaming the Canadian Government for not increasing their distribution despite huge increases in profits. They claim that the uncertainty over tax treatment requires them to hold back investors money. The income fund with well over 100,000 unit holders has been very vocal in their opposition to any tax changes. But the cash is there so why not distribute it before the tax laws change. Yellow has just completed some rather large acquisitions. Could the executives want some "surprise insurance" so that they can skate their way through problems in the future. Yellow Pages is beating the tax drum very loudly.
Caveat Emptor

Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Follies Nov 5-6

Weekend Follies is published every Monday to highlight companies who have issued press releases at strange hours over the weekend when most investors are not looking. The stocks most likely require an additional amount of caveat emptor. This weeks culprits are
Txu Corp NYSE: TSU
Criimi Mae Inc NYSE:CMM
Jean Coutu Group TSX
Flood Smart OTC Pink Sheet FDSI
Maui Land and Pineapple AMEX: MLP
Panther Resources TSX Venture:GPR
Dundee Precious Metals TSX:DPM
Applied Biosystems Group NYSE:ABI
Prime West Energy Trust TSX:PWI:un NYSE:PWI