Monday, November 23, 2009

Rupert Murdoch End Game Strategy.

News Corp (NEWS) wants to make money, blow off Google (GOOG) and get paid by Bing for indexing. OK that part is pure capitalism and you have to understand Rupert Murdoch. Look beyond the deal. Financial news information is one of the major internet categories that has monetized. WSJ charged an online subscription fee from the get go.

Microsoft (MSFT) has this thing called MSN Money. Yahoo Finance ain’t what it used to be and Google Finance while it seems to be big is not driving Wall Street. Have not heard any comment about the impact on Reuters or Bloomberg. Then of course Warren Buffet controls Business Newswire which provides full text press release distribution. Therefore he sits at the beginning of the information food chain.

I can see this becoming a huge anti-trust battle where all search engines must be treated equally. Then Rupert Murdoch decides not deal with any search engine and everyone must come directly to him because he has the goods. You have to understand the concept of end game strategies to get this one.