Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Molson Coors Sudsy Disclosure

Molson Coors (TAP) came out with a sudsy press release and made some very interesting comments. The lawyers must have signed off and let the marketing people have a few. The verbiage is meaningless but designed to impress investors. Here is the snip

“We remain focused on building a diverse portfolio of extraordinary brands, offering value-enhancing innovations for consumers, and achieving positive pricing to grow our top-line and bottom-line as the economy improves. We offer value to consumers in many forms, including innovative brands and promotional packaging, as well as category-leading advertising, retail promotions and service to our customers. In the fourth quarter, incremental investments related to these efforts will be most significant in our Canada, U.S. and international businesses. These investments are consistent with our brand-led global strategies, and we expect them to drive top-line and bottom-line growth as we move into 2010."

One buzz word at a time:

1. What is value-enhancing innovations for customers? Are they promising more price discounts? The marketing guy could explain this one a little better.
2. Achieving positive pricing is included in the same sentence so something else will drive value.
3. Whatever it is it will happen to both top and bottom lines.
4. Offer value to consumers ...There it is again. OK I think I am starting to understand. They will be promoting to the customer and throwing in service. What kind of service are we talking about. Is somebody coming over to my place and crack one open for me?
5. The investments will be most significant in Canada, United States and international business. Hey that covers the whole planet. Could we get some focus please?
6. The buzz word fest concludes with them driving top and bottom lines again. Sounds like a marketing guy went to a one day seminar on finance and got a few questions correctly.

The beer business is highly competitive and investors need real commentary not sudsy buzz words.