Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bing vs Google Yahoo Does OK

Checking out Bing, which is owned by Microsoft (MSFT) of course,as a financial search engine. Being a self confessed financial news junkie I am a voracious consumer of financial/business information always looking for those nuggets of insight. I performed my own little experiment by searching for several large cap companies on Bing and seeing if any results point you toward MSN Money. The search results failed to push you toward their cousin product; at least not in the all important top 10.

This is still early days for Bing and I am sure they have some more tricks up their sleeve. But if you are looking for people with money, active investors fit the definition and have disposable income. Hopefully they do not spend frivolously but they do spend.

Just to compare I searched Google (GOOG) for the same companies and they also failed to push to Google Finance. Maybe both Bing and Google assume the investing world already knows about MSN Money and Google Finance.

Except that in both searches Yahoo Finance (YHOO)did reasonable well. But everyone says Yahoo is having trouble. Not in this category it seems. Perhaps it will be carved out as a stand alone unit.