Monday, June 08, 2009

How To Fix Financial Television

Barry Ritholtz just posted an interesting topic "How to fix Financial Television" cut and paste the link for a full read

The major points he made were

1. Stop Yelling. Stop interrupting. Stop Talking Over Each Other:
2. Bring us People We Don’t Have Access to.
3. S - L - O - W D - O - W - N
4. Risk:
5. Lose the Octobox.
6. Separate the Signal from the Noise.
7. Fact Check:
8. Accountability is important:
9. Bring Back Louis Rukeyser
10. Sound FX:
11. Embed your video (on your own website or YouTube) instead of using WMP.
12. Investigative Pieces
13. Most stock picks are losers.
14. Stop the Bull/Bear Debate:
15. Partisanship
16. Respect the Audience: