Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boeing - Dreamliner - Is This Integrity?

Boeing (NYSE:BA) reported a significant technical problem and delayed the test flight of their new 787 Dreamliner. I would like to applaud the integrity that Boeing is showing. They took the hit and did not slip one out on the market. The pressure must have been enormous to do something like that.

The media frenzy is focused primarily from the financial point of view. What will happen to guidance? It will go down so bake that into your thinking and stop crying into your single malt scotch (if you can still afford it)

Here is some diabolical thinking. They release the bad news knowing full well that the stock will drop. But they also declare a dividend. Same dividend lower stock price. Hmm. The risk is with the board. If the project is in serious death spiral difficulty why are they signalling to the market by keeping the dividend the same. In fact the $0.42 @ share dividend is now higher than the $0.35 @ when the stock was north of $100 @ share not that long ago.

Year end is December. Executive options and compensation is set toward the end of the year. Unless you really figure you will be terminated most executives will actually want a lower stock price this year. Create a lot of negative financial news now. Fly your way literally out of the problem a little later and make a bundle on the whole thing.

But then again I am not an engineer and do not understand on a technical basis what the issues are. Neither do most investors.