Thursday, April 09, 2009

ZEP Scrubs It's Own Sales Force

ZEP (ZEP) announced that they lost a modest amount of money as they restructure, reconfigure and rejig the various components. In reading the press release you realize that they have fired low performing sales reps and are adding high performing sales reps. Glad to hear it. What took them so long and why is it part of the press release. Any sales force is constantly being pruned. you keep the good ones and get rid of the poor ones. This is now being foisted on the investors as a strategic initiative when in fact this is classic day to day sales management. They also claim that the new sales reps are so strong that they will be powerful contributors immediately. So if you read between the lines their will be no further excuses for poor revenues.

The explanations are simplistic and naive. You have to wonder about the savvy of the Board and senior management for allowing this style of wording to go out and thinking its OK.