Monday, April 27, 2009

General Motor's Future

General Motors (GM) announced their future; with or without going through the courts. They keep wanting us to believe that they are building for the future and a 10 million unit break even point. What have they been building in the past and why is it we are going to believe in them now? The future belongs to the new models that GM needs to introduce but no one seems to be excited about. GM, a Dow 30 component blissfully drove off the cliff. All the kings horses and all the kings men so far have not put it together again. When will the king decide to look at the board of directors who presided over this problem and start making directors and senior managers accountable. If an auto worker installs a part incorrectly he is held accountable at some level. If a sales person does not meet quota he probably is released. If the board destroys a company it's not OK.

President Obama if you want to fix corporate problems you have to fix corporate boards and make them accountable.