Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Apparel Says It's All Good

American Apparel (APP) announced Q4 and year end results. Dov Charney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer made much of the results stating

"2008 marked a year of great accomplishments for American Apparel. In addition to opening very promising stores in a large number of new markets, we were very pleased to have achieved the EPS and EBITDA guidance that we outlined as targets a year ago. Now with key parts of our management team starting to take shape, our capital structure resolved, and a sophisticated financial partner at our side in Lion Capital, I strongly believe that our company is better positioned than at any time in its history to succeed and deliver on the great potential of the American Apparel brand."

Yes we all know of Lion Capitals involvement but what do you mean the “management team is starting to take shape” Also can you clarify the current status of litigation, lawsuits and other corporate bitchslaps that are taking place.