Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Icahn Report Discusses Use of Shareholders Funds

The Aug 27 post by Carl Icahn on The Icahn Report had an interesting comment about corporate use of funds against shareholder interests. Essentially all those high powered professionals and service providers are paid for by the shareholder. If you are on the outside trying to change the inside you are spending your own money.
Corporate democracy needs to establish its own funding. Boards of Directors need to have their own budgets and not be beholden to management. Management should not be allowed to spend certain monies in a reflexive defensive moves which are not necessarily in the best interests of shareholders.

The funding will move closer to the model where Congress has resources that are independent of the Executive Branch.

With respect to shareholder lists; the transfer agent should allow mailings and or other communications for nominal admin fees and appropriate processing costs. The list cannot become public as every scam agent and junk mail marketer will deluge your mail box. The transfer agent will become the gatekeeper and ensure financial information is available to the shareholder.

The environment needs to be gamed in favour of the investor.