Monday, July 28, 2008

KKR lists on NYSE

KKR Private Equity (KPE.AS) is being taken out by KKR thereby effecting a listing on NYSE because KKR Private Equity is on Euronext. Not a bad move. More investors should have seen that one coming. KKR wants to emulate Blackrock (BLK) and provide itself with the same liquidity and access to more capital. It’s just impossible to identify the valuation. Let’s just say the license to become listed on NYSE has been granted and leave it at that.

Have you ever been to a casino and played a card game. Blackjack perhaps? Take the time to watch the dealer’s hands. Dexterity is key. Strong fluid even motions. The cards are dealt and the players start thinking about the next move. The casino controls the dealer and the deck of cards. A watchful pit boss, with a weary worldly I’ve seen it all expression, makes sure the patrons are handled correctly. Basically that’s KKR. We have reshuffled the cards and started another round.

Are you up for it!