Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Apple Needs A Cigarette

Apple (NasdaqGS:AAPL) has had so much hype the only thing left is the cigarette. The iPhone you know will take over the world. It will make competitors shake in their boots. It will make otherwise sensible people run out and spend all their money. It will change the way we live (Lots of things think they can do that). It will do unimagined things that only Apple designers....

OK its probably going to be a neat product. Apple will not embarrass itself. But think about it. The whole uber alles thing is very overdone. Apple just snuck out an email announcement that says you need to sign on at iTunes for your iPhone to work. This message is coming out in the veritable last minute before product availability. I feel a little bit manipulated into a cross selling marketing platform.

The iPhone is a big bet on touch screen technology. Most other touch screen technologies have problematic experiences. Apple is really rolling the dice here. They need for these problems to disappear right now. If the problems disappear for Apple than it also goes away for the competition.

Has the iStockoption issue been fully resolved? When the hype wears off there are still real world issues. Jonathan Hoopes of Thinkequity is also concerned about the valuation in relation to the hype. When everyone or almost everyone believes big time, who is left to buy?