Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dell Next 100 Days

Dell (Nasdaq:DELL) Michael Dell is back in the saddle. Kevin Rollins is riding off being blamed for the past three years of disappointments. Kevin Rollins had his hands on the steering wheel. But Michael Dell was the Chairman for the same time. The Chairman and Board are there to provide direction. (Directors Direction get it?) After three years you have to believe that Kevin Rollins is not the only ultra senior person responsible for all this.

Michael Dell’s famous Friday email is like Winston Churchill rallying the British after the fall of France. We will fight them on the beaches and so on.

Other than the promise to fight like hell nothing has been offered. Focusing on efficiency is not enough.

The first hundred days will let investors know if they have something. If the announcements are not sufficiently product innovative and credible than Dell will become an efficient product aggregator but not leader.

I figure Lenovo (LNGVY:PK ADR) must be watching carefully and smacking their lips. They cannot be happy with their very small North American market share. Acquisitions or joint ventures anyone?