Monday, January 26, 2009

Crane Smoke Screen Roll Up

Crane (CR) reported Q4 results and of course took the opportunity to present red ink and generally speaking bad news. You see you have to these days no one will believe you if you have really good news. But take a look at how the reached the numbers and what they did not report. Something called “The Restructuring Program” was rolled out. They are cutting costs, letting people go and doing the necessary financial amputations that one would sort of expect.

Except, they do not really tell you where, who, what or important details like that. It would be difficult for investors with a good understanding of this company to look at the parts and try to figure out what the future looks like. It’s easy to say ‘cut costs” in this environment. The trick is to show the leadership and move forward in the right direction. A roll up program is just smoke and mirrors.

Not impressed.