Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Callaway Does Something With uPlay

Callaway (ELY) announced an acquisition of uPlay. No terms and conditions were announced. So investors are flying financially blind as to how their capital is being used. The press release says that the deal will not have a material impact on 2009 earnings. But then they continue to say:

The acquisition of uPlay makes sense for us on several fronts, said George Fellows, President and CEO, Callaway Golf. We’ve said that we would look for acquisitions to help accelerate our growth, and the combination of uPlay with its innovative GPS platform and Callaway Golf’s technical leadership in club and ball development will do just that by creating incremental new business opportunities, while also enhancing golfers experiences on the golf course.”

But the acquisition will not have an incremental effect in 2009. Hmmm. They did conclude the press release by saying more information will be available on their upcoming conference call. Which means there is more information you need to know but we will tell you later. When does Reg FD come into play here.

Anyway the press release did not mention when the conference call is scheduled. So when I looked it up it seems to be on Jan 27, 2009 which is a full three weeks and one day away. 