Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Google & Nielsen What Does It Mean?

Google (GOOG) is trumpeting a new deal with Nielsen to acquire television viewing data. The initial headlines are heralding this as a continuation of the Google advertising juggernaut that will eat up the TV world very soon.

Google needs the data to allow them to learn how to target TV ads. Unlike text ads which are search driven and the metrics that You Tube spins out, in the TV space Google is on the outside looking in. It has no natural advantages. It must spend serious cash to acquire advantage. Other players have also identified the TV market as critical in this context.

Naturally more traditional media is watching closely. Nielsen has been providing critical data and is the real play here. They seem to be held by private equity at the present time. Given that private equity eventually desires to sell off acquisitions and make a big fat buck watch for someone to make an offer for Nielsen.
Forget about the partnership deals this is just another data sale.