Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AOL Busts A Move

Have you heard the news; AOL is moving to New York New York. This way they are closer to the advertising world. (read Time Warner TWX) Usually with a major headquarters move the cost and relocation issues are tres important. So far not a word from AOL or Time Warner. If the move will be major then the costs should reflect major. If the costs are not substantial is this really a significant move.

The more important story should be the deal they made with Hewlett Packard (HPQ)where new computer purchasers will open up on a specially branded AOL home page. If you are in the advertising business this sounds like a bigger deal. But then again who did they displace.

My brand new HP that I purchased this past April used to open up on a Yahoo (YHOO) page with lots of HP stuff. If this is such a positive for AOL why is it now not a negative for Yahoo.

Methinks AOL is going through the rinse cycle and will enter the fast spin cycle shortly as they attempt to wring out the unnecessary moisture out of the mix. Time to clean out the lint trap before a dryer fire breaks out.